Sunday 20 September 2009

In Depth: The Myth of God Incarnate

On Tuesday 22nd September I continue to present the theology course to the St. Mary's Barton In Depth Group. This time we are looking at the impact of The Myth of God Incarnate (1977), edited by John Hick. Although ecumenical, it nevertheless formed one of the Anglican controversies.

If you are interested in what I'll be presenting - a combination of reading out and ad libbing - then the content is available as a web page, though I have composed it in the text editor Note Tab, then formatted in Open Office Writer, and I have sent out its .PDF export of that for people to read and to be printed, and then from the Open Office Writer with inevitable corrections I put it back into Note Tab to use my own clips to hand craft it in HTML so it appears in my web page style (the alternative is to ask OO Writer to convert to HTML, but it produces a larger document). I am happy to email anyone the .PDF version.

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Hugh said...

Interesting reading Adrian . Thanks for putting that link up .