Tuesday 1 September 2009

TALC to Cover Anglican UFO

It's fantastic, isn't it, that Archbishop Straker of UFO has appointed Agent Eileen Scully to another of these centralising Anglican agencies, and yet another person from the distances of Canada. Eileen Scully is to be an agent of TALC, or T'International Anglican Liturgical Consultation.

TALC's job is to tackle the mouldier parts of Anglicanism with some sweet smelling drying off cover stories to get the Covenant through. TALC agents will look into UFO issues from the point of view of precisely written words and musical accompaniment so that what Anglicans end up saying across the globe will be in conformity with each other as they repeat the set liturgical story.

This means that UFOs invading Anglican Churches' airspaces will all carry the seal of Catholicity and the zeal of Protestant belief. Agent Scully's job will help the coming of UFOs seem less alien, and will provide the more rationalistic explanation for the power grab than the bizarre tales from other sceptical agents. That's why she is also doing the Covenant File directly. What they say, and what Agent Scully must damp down (liaising with Rev. Virginia Lake), is that these appointments from Canada are to prise Canada from the United States when tracks 1 and 2 form, in that if Canada does not sign up to the Covenant these people on these central Anglican bodies will have to resign.

Agent Scully described herself in her new role as: "precisely not 'All kinds of Everything'," and she rejected the view that the Anglican Communion and its leadership is becoming so strange that there are X Files available on these personalities and their hosted events starting at Lambeth and proceeding on to Jamaica most recently.

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