Monday 14 September 2009

Righter Writes Again

Head of Sixth Form: Come in Righter.

Fred Frame Righter: Sir you wanted to see me, alone.

Head of Sixth Form: Yet another essay, Righter, except you thought you could slip this one in when handing in a notebook.

Fred Frame Righter: They are just comments, sir.

Head of Sixth Form: No, Righter, they are an essay in a notebook on Titus Andronicus that you handed in either in your lesson yesterday at one or today at nine, when it was noticed.

Fred Frame Righter: Honestly sir, it is not another essay.

Head of Sixth Form: You are asking your English Literature teacher to read another 907 words, Righter.

Fred Frame Righter: I and we have managed a lot more than that, sir.

Head of Sixth Form: Humm. But you see, Righter, it's the same old argument, and you claim to be representing your friends again. You seem to think that by repeating yourself, you keep making the argument. The argument being that classrooms are to this school what other schools are to the Local Education Authority. The argument was and is a dud, Righter.

Fred Frame Righter: Yes but I also move the argument on a bit, sir.

Head of Sixth Form: Yes, I noticed that, probably because you are getting nowhere with the repeated first argument. In this, er essay, you claim that the disagreement between classes and the Governors in this school different from all other schools.

Fred Frame Righter: Yes sir.

Head of Sixth Form: But you are the only ones making this disagreement!

Fred Frame Righter: Sir, some members of staff and the Head Boy too.

Head of Sixth Form: I think you'll find after their meeting that they urged the school as a whole to sign up to the Local Authority Agreement. And I note in your essay that you are not quite so sure yourself.

Fred Frame Righter: There is an argument to be had.

Head of Sixth Form: Look, boy, there is no argument to be had. That is my point. That was the point when some of our ex-teachers thought they could take their classes with them. Where are they now, laddie, other than having set up a school on their own? We simply put new teachers in their place.

Fred Frame Righter: My friends and I don't wish to leave and join their school, sir.

Head of Sixth Form: Then you abide by the rules of this school, and stop causing trouble Righter.

Fred Frame Righter: Sir, I do suggest that we ought to change how all schools are structured, sir. So that there is the Local Authority and it defines the ethos, sir, and then you have the classrooms. To this extent, sir, this school is ahead of the rest!

Head of Sixth Form: Righter, your argument is getting desperate and more and more bizarre. Look, you'd better have your book and concealed essay back. Hang on something else has dropped out. Oh no, not even more.

Fred Frame Righter: Fewer words, sir.

Head of Sixth Form: Doesn't look many fewer to me. Now go away and learn some of what your teachers are teaching, inside this school, with a headmaster Mr Jefferts Schori and his Governors. Now just go.

Fred Frame Righter: Yes sir, but...

Head of Sixth Form: Out!


Paul (A.) said...

His older brother Walter never made such mistakes.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

Are we talking about Walter C. Righter? He was a senior teacher at the school who introduced a non-celibate gay member of staff.

The other big brother is Davina's.