Monday 9 November 2009

To Bless this House

If you want to bless a house, or a building, then elements from the Hull Unitarian Church Service of Dedication and Opening Ceremony may be useful, from all the way back in 1977. Thus it forms a liturgy for buildings rather than archived as a specific Unitarian service. However, the hymns used at the time are there too. The building itself was designed for low maintenance, and thus is still doing well. It could do with a few more people in it, however cosy and warm it is for those that use the building.

The 1977 service turned up in a box of hand written sermons of the late minister Ernest Penn, hand written on pieces of paper with lots of crossings out and not always easy to follow. The previous entry about online Scrabble tells of the conversation ongoing as I called at a house to pick them up. He did not type anything, and you cannot OCR handwriting. There is plenty to be going on with for a long time. I have also just constructed an audio CD resource of music for the first twenty hymns in Hymns for Living and put about several copies for evaluation and use, although actually CDs can be made for custom use.

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