Sunday 1 November 2009

Early Intellectual

Lost at Scrabble again - a Q I thought was blocked never was, so any possibility of me making up the necessary 16 points was a mirage. TAB was actually unblockable, and was a place for him to add QI for TABI. My English intellectual opponent demonstrates his superiority again.

Still, life moves on, and the dredging up of archives like an old school photograph has led to me finding a number of exam papers from university. A while ago I embarked on writing about school exams for a local museum, but the lack of school exam papers available past and present has driven that project into the ground until resolved. However, I put one of these papers and my reaction of the day on to the Pluralist website in the Learning area-Social Sciences section. Also uploaded is an economics essay on the multiplier effect from my first year at university. In those days - 1979 - essays were handwritten and this one received a B+ (despite some tatty diagrams!).


Continuing on, there is now a Principles of Economics paper and reaction at the time too in the Learning Area and the Economics, Business & Organisation section.

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