Sunday 15 November 2009

What Really Happened (Revision Committee)

Inside the Revision Committee discussing having women as bishops..

"The Pope will take them. It's an Ace. Bomb ecumenism, rubbish the boss, grab the nutters."
"So we can do it then. He has made it simple. Get the women on the top floor."
"Yup. Some of the nutters."
"Yeah, not the Gaffers, the FoCAs. They'll make their own plans."
"Well, Ratz made the offer; they said they would go but the money's better in the C of E. Not exactly principle is it?"
"Well some do love the C of E."
"Yeah, with Roman liturgies, and Catholic Church fantasies."
"That Forward in Faith sermon said that the more liberal Anglo-Catholics are like the oozing of pus. Hardly loving the C of E is it? They don't even like those who are like them."
"So we don't need to risk having first and second class bishops, just have one lot of bishops. Might be refreshing to have women and men, all together, all as one."
"Right, so that means withdraw the statutory method, ha ha - very RC, keep the diocesan rhythm intact, and row back from what we said last time."
"Yup, that's the new deal. Cards are off the table."
"But how are we going to sell the U turn?"
"Not sure."
"How about, um, we could not agree what powers should be vested in male bishops to bypass female bishops or those male bishops hobnobbing with women?"
"Yes, 'cause actually we didn't really know what we'd have to hand over."
"Well we did really. Just about everything, without separate male only extra-geographical dioceses."
"OK, so let's try and draft something for public consumption."
"Aye, we'll have to WATCH what we put - geddit?"
"But that's what we'll put. And it puts us back in line with the Synod's expression."
"Anyone got a pen?"

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