Wednesday 23 December 2009

Catholic Church Loves Uganda

For Pope Benny, Uganda is a mighty fine place. The Pope thanked Uganda's Ambassador to the Holy See, Canon Francis Butagira for the "climate of freedom and respect in your nation towards the Catholic Church" and then there are fruits of this in "development, education and healthcare" (one wonders, when Catholics refer to healthcare) and that such should assist personal integrity, justice and fairness in local communities. The Pope also thought that agriculture could be more productive, that resources could be better used and that he hoped northern Uganda might become more peaceful. There would be continued support from the appreciative Vatican for Uganda.

No mention of the potential vicious legislation then, or its dangers at the very least for healthcare, only again putting the religious bureaucracy first, like Rowan Williams does for his Anglican Communion project. Rumours exist about the President of Uganda vetoing the bill should it be passed. He would do this because, despite the Catholic Church thinking Uganda is hunky dory, Western countries do not, and Uganda would like to keep its donors happy and keep the money coming in.

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