Thursday 17 December 2009

Thanks Again

For my labours regarding the Jesus and Philosophy (2009) book review and the previous In Depth presentation, Don sent me a back copy of Kingdom Come in Everyday Speech (2000), the last of three postmodern, still hopefully Christian, but 'ordinary people say it better' and realise the Kingdom. On the front is a butterfly and Don Cupitt I know has retained his long term interest in butterflies.

Now he has a more realist theology (!) or at least grand narratives of today, historical and limited, with straightforward talk, with less of a division between liberal and radical, and has accepted that his critics were right about his inability to reform Christianity. Frank Walker, also reviewing Jesus and Philosophy (2009), in Faith and Freedom, recalls (as I also remember) Don saying that if not in the Church of England he'd be Roman Catholic. Now he has gravitated towards the Quakers, no longer a communicant Anglican, and represents the move away from credal Christianity for both belief and ethical reasons after a long struggle.

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