Sunday 20 December 2009

Tribute to Mad Priest

Beaten to an image and issue on my last post, as was ever likely, I now bow down to Mad Priest and include my own manipulated image of Newman, not John Henry, but the younger brother, who was far more interesting: the liberal, and transitory Unitarian, Professor Francis William (27 June 1805 to 7 October 1897). So there.


Erp said...

Interesting characters. I glanced through his autobiography.

That a finite being should deserve infinite punishment, now was manifestly as incredible as that he should deserve infinite reward,—which I had never dreamed.—Again, I saw that the current orthodoxy made Satan eternal conqueror over Christ. In vain does the Son of God come from heaven and take human flesh and die on the cross. In spite of him, the devil carries off to hell the vast majority of mankind, in whom, not misery only, but Sin is triumphant for ever and ever. Thus Christ not only does not succeed in destroying the works of the devil, but even aggravates them.—Again: what sort of gospel or glad tidings had I been holding?

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

Dealt in the language of the time to move it on.