Tuesday 1 December 2009

Devious or Not

My latest piece at the Daily Episcopalian is on display. It starts with the Archbishop of Canterbury's speech on 19 November at the Gregorian Pontifical University and looks at some straight and devious readings of what he has been doing there and with the Covenant intention assumed in that speech and more generally. Then we have the Pope's Finger, which bizarrely might help clear up some of the Anglican mess and get things moving. The context, however, of this Covenant and sacrificing a minority on the back of building a religious bureaucracy has taken a far nastier and cruel turn with the situation in Uganda, and the silence of an otherwise verbose Williams and publicity-seeker Sentamu is bordering on the criminal.


June Butler said...

Adrian, yours is a fine essay. I only wish I could say that I disagree. If Rowan is playing a behind the scenes game (and I don't believe he is), then it's quite a dangerous game. If he would speak plainly, he would not be so often misinterpreted. At times, I wonder if he speaks opaquely on purpose.

Diego said...

Oh dear... I think you saind the truth about our two archbisops. They are always so ready to speak out but unfortunately in thise instance they seem to be silent.
Should Rt Rev Sentamu not cut another of his collars for the Ugandan situation. Or do we have to wait for the brave Rt Rev Tutu to say something as always?
Our Church is looking to keep the Communion together but it is strangled by Rightwing Evangelicals and GAFCOM. The Traditional Catholics are not that grat problem in comparison...