Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Music Task

I'm back doing the music again, with the new sound system in mind, and the service taker (from Wakefield) has sent his hymns and music for me to arrange.

These are his second and third hymns, whilst hoping that the coming improved weather will nevertheless last until January 2nd:

HL 260 'Tis Winter Now. From Samuel Longfellow. Puer Nobis Nascitur. L.M.

'Tis winter now; the fallen snow
Has left the heavens all coldly clear;
Through leafless boughs the sharp winds blow,
And all the earth lies dead and drear;

And yet God's love is not withdrawn;
For life within the keen air breathes,
A beauty paints the crimson dawn,
And clothes the boughs with glittering wreaths.

And though abroad the sharp winds blow,
And skies are chill, and frosts are keen,
Home closer draws her circle now,
And warmer glows her light within.

O God! who giv'st the winter's cold,
As well as summer's joyful rays,
Us warmly in thy love enfold,
And keep us through life's wintry days.

HL 259. The Eternal Now. John Andrew Storey. Capel. C.M.

The ceaseless flow of endless time
No one can check nor stay;
We'll view the past with no regret,
Nor future with dismay.

The present slips into the past,
And dream-like melts away:
The breaking of tomorrow's dawn
Begins a new today.

The past and future ever meet
In the eternal now:
To make each day a thing complete
Shall be our New Year vow.

The other hymns chosen are also Hymns for Living 26 and 137. I've needed to source three of the four tunes and I think I have just found Pen-Lan for the last one. I initially had just one of his pieces of music, and needed to find the rest, plus the other music for before and after a service. Meanwhile the Hymns Available webpage has been updated to add HLs 137, 259 and 260.

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