Thursday 3 April 2008

April Fools

The clergy are rather conservative in Wales. The laity easily passed Church in Wales motions to allow women to be ordained as bishops, but the clergy could not quite do it by the needed two thirds majority. They would not at first provide cover for the Men Only brigade, on the basis of schism, so there weren't enough to make bishops without a male bishop for some to hide behind.

In The Guardian the Archbishop of Wales had written an article titled:

At odds with the gospel

Refusal to ordain female bishops is counter to core Christian values. We must stand up and say so today

So we take it that they are now at odds with the gospel. Of course one has to say that none of this has ever been very prophetic. The "neither male nor female" text has been around since it has been around and male hierarchy carried on quite happily and still does in much of unreformed self-delusory Christendom. Society changes and the Church catches up. Same argument can be applied to partnered lesbians and gays in ministry and blessings too.

Please do catch up: some time.


Anonymous said...

The Church moves forward one funeral at a time.

Doorman-Priest said...

Its own death follows soon.