Thursday 3 April 2008

Why Do the Police Do This?

A journey that takes 25 minutes end to end took 1 hour eastbound New Holland to Grimsby and 1 hour 25 westbound Grimsby to New Holland. There was an accident on one section of the A180. They closed it, like they closed the M18 two days back and the M180 I believe the day before that. Every time there is some incident, instead of coning and letting some traffic flow (say on the opposite carriageway) the whole road closes and there is chaos.

Two people had died, and the accident was in the morning, apparently.

But what added to chaos was a wholly unnecessary additional closure forcing both traffic queues to cross each other. Really, this was ridiculous and explains why it took so much longer to go westbound. It looked like, later on, that they re-opened the road and I was in the last batch of vehicles in the queueing. I'm sure other people are fed up with this practice.

Friday Evening

The road was closed by the police again after another accident.

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