Monday 1 December 2008

Episcopal Name Game

Some of us under my initial misdirection have started a game where we are going to start a new denomination, have it set up with proper apostolic succession, and meet regularly to keep consecrating each other over and over again.

So what we need are names for each other, and this means using the ancient and revived title of Mar. Here are some real examples:

I have a genuine soft spot for Ulric Vernon Herford, the Unitarian minister who became Mar Jacobus, Bishop of Mercia and Middlesex, Administrator of the Metropolitan See of India, Ceylon, Milapur, etc., of the Syro-Chaldean Church and of the Patriarchate of Babylon and the East, and founder of the Evangelical Catholic Communion.

Other examples include Jules Ferette, who became Mar Julius I, Bishop of Iona, and he came to England to set up a British Orthodox Church, and there is Richard Williams Morgan, in 1874, as Mar Pelagius I, first Patriarch of a restored Ancient British Church.

So far we have these names:

Mar Mite is me. Someone twigged that yes it is because I am over six foot five that I am Mar Mite. Plus you either hate or love Mar Mite.

Moset was an early one, which is brilliant, a scratchy bishop with claws.

Malade suggests something wrong but a bit fruity.

The best one Sunday evening was Co Polo. This is a travelling bishop, obviously.

There are others too, but perhaps readers can think of their own. So, in the spirit of Mad Priest, I invite readers to think of their own high episcopal names and to let me know of any really good ones for admission into this new Synod of Bishops. Then we will meet regularly for the sole purpose of dressing up and consecrating each other and then have tea and cake afterwards.

Meanwhile I have been directed to the question: is congregational singing like Marmite? I have an answer and it is near to yes.

There is a second game. I've been tagged to give a personal creed in 140 characters (not spaces), but I want to give this some thought. Or, rather, I'm already booked and busy in the afternoon.


cryptogram said...

My personal favourite was Mar Georgius I, Patriarch of Glastonbury, Certroia and Mylapore, Apostolic Pontiff of Celtica and the Indies, Prince-Catholicos of the West, etc, who was also the General Manager and secretary of hte National Association of Cycle Traders, and editor of the cycle traders' National Journal. A man of many parts.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

He had a few links then.

He would be:

Mar Tooweeler

MadPriest said...

As, no doubt, there will be many fervent, young, Anglo-Catholic gentlemen in this new denomination, many trained at St. Stephen's House, I have to suggest, "Mar Hesmaking Eyesatme."

I know and I'm kindly leaving the stage even as I type.

Doorman-Priest said...

Thanks Adrian: I laughed out loud.

Well, of course, I ahall be Mar Humbug.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

Is Mar Humbug allowed? I suppose via nasal mutation it might be, if you were speaking Welsh.

Mad Priest has obeyed the rules. So for him I'd add another:

Mar Gnificient

June Butler said...

I'm not sure that I know how to play, but may I be Mar Powr Tuya, Patriarchess of Constantinople?

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

You can be whom you like. Good, yes.

Similarly: Mar Powertoyerelbow.

Some one has suggested Mar Tin (just the name fitted in), and similar Mar Wood. And Mar Ried. Quite a few people are Mar Ried I suppose.

Here's another: Mar Sheebog. This is a wet, sticky bishop.

Some Mar names are bishops with other titles. In this vein then there is: Mar Email, a Count.

June Butler said...

Why are you awake, Adrian? You startled me. I thought I was talking into the void.