Saturday 16 January 2010

Church Calendar

The St. Mary's Barton-upon-Humber Worship Calendar is updated. The idea is to keep the mouseover display as simple as possible, and worshippers should then check the notices. But it shows graphically what days the dates drop on for 2010.

Meanwhile, as theodicy appears more and more like idiocy, I've written a piece for Episcopal Café about self-organising patterns and chaos together following the history of discovering these as outlined by Professor Jim Al-Khalili on BBC 4 recently. Earthquakes, the economy and weather are all examples. He will be interviewing Rowan Williams soon, which should be fun. As Al-Khalili's account rather challenges any sort of orthodoxy or intervening God, and especially criticises a deistic God too (because expressly simplicity leads to complexity and intelligence, not deistic intelligence setting simple conditions for the result of complexity and intelligence), my piece will therefore contradict Episcopalian orthodox beliefs too, if published (and if not, it will come here). For me God is the meaning of it all, not some interventionist agent. There are lessons in Al-Khalili's history for the treatment of gay people and about holding to dogma - the damage done to science.

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