Saturday 2 January 2010

Don't Argue - Read the Service!

I am quite fascinated by the discussion still going on in the recent blog entry. Because I only upload comments say twice a day or so it doesn't encourage vigorous discussion. However, also, my efforts have been elsewhere and now they are (I hope) complete - and I fear that the weather might cut the numbers at the service on the 3rd. Thank goodness for the Internet!

So here is the Service Order for the Epiphany Service with its added hymn because the church hasn't bought the new hymn book yet, and here is the complete Service for Epiphany on the theme of New Beginnings and Old Beginnings and it has all the hymns in because I prefer to stick to one script and have everything in front of me. The files uploaded are .PDFs because the presentation formatting is so complicated and the HTML display varies according to where viewed. What I want to do is wire up the resident church CD player to the microphone-using sound system and it should improve the musical sound no end. I have seen that it can be done and I will take the necessary wires, but will it work? By the way, the CD organ playing by Clyde McLennan is so first rate that the lack of an organist - if the sound quality output is very good - is not a difficulty at all. Oh and also thanks to Knut Heidelberg and company for links to the English language Unitarian service in Budapest last week, which I have jumped on for some relevant content.

The service is relevant to the blog entry discussion because it is a look back at my first impressions of Unitarianism back in 1984 and how such relates to now. The sort of thinking I had then is one I find over and over again from Anglicans today. I just think now that clarity is important and I think it was then too, but the arguments were multi-layered, institutional and confused, as well as rapidly acquired and sometimes raw.

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