Thursday 7 January 2010

Cudden Careyless Says Cut the Numbers

The Former Archbishop of Anglicanism writes about immigration:

Far too often people have asked me, why can't you mass debate to produce the issue as it should be seen? Of course I can, and as a true Englishman do, and will indeed. There are just too many people living in these islands, and no matter how often I go away to lecture the American Episcopalian Church about sexuality there isn't then one less because I keep coming back.

Too often people tell me that I am a racist, and I have to tell party leaders that they are scared. They accuse me, and I accuse them. They fondle around too much, and now it must stop. We have to get to the nub of the matter: not, "this is my nub," and, "this is your nub," in some postmodern way in mass debating to this issue, but seeking out the truth of the matter - one nub, my nub. As the leading columnist for that moral and family-values driven publication, The News of the Screws, I am calling for politicians to say no to 70 million people on this island. The danger from global warming (as experienced this winter) and this massive number of increasingly obese people is that the East of England and London could sink into the North Sea. It must not happen. Huddersfield is not on the coast!

The British people and British State have been and are remarkably tolerant. For example, the other day I was talking to my friend Cliff Richard and we visited his tower in York where in 1190 there was the mass killing of Jews. People often forget that the British were the first to set up concentration camps in South Africa. Do we want these back? Of course not, and they are not acceptable ways of keeping the population below 70 million.

And York was a cosmopolitan place with that mixed population until 1190. And now fast forward to today and see what is happening, including in places like York with its narrow cobbled streets and cries of, "Look out below!" as the ancient people of these islands tip out their excreta from upper windows and also participate in Neighbourhood Watch. We have foreigners today whose values are sometimes very different, even antithetical, to our own. It all encourages reactionary right wing politics. We should not let politicians like some in the British National Party steal such language from people like me.

People have very genuine concerns about overpopulation, and really a mass debate of this is needed as an alternative to going to bed and procreating. Although, I would say that babies born from the right wing kind of people and bedroom activity ought to be welcome as they will not have values antithetical to our own.

For example, we must be worried that as an increasingly secular nation, too many black people come into London and fill up their own churches in the capital city with a religion called Christianity. As we are no longer a Christian nation, this cultural import might be regarded as antithetical.

I grew up in Dagenham and know what it is to be brought up in a homely culture amongst that group of people who could be the first to vote BNP for a Member of Parliament. This would be a tragedy for parliamenary democracy but might just promote the solid working class culture that is the basis of my popular column in The News of the Screws.

If all these foreigners come over, then our very DNA is threatened. It becomes polluted and we can't have that. The body politic starts to look a bit dirty and horrible if it changes too much. This is why my newspaper is part of a democratically owned group that supports the election of an Eton boy for Prime Minister, though I do wish he'd sound a bit more Conservative (otherwise I shall have to become 'Thatcher's Revenge', again, this time through the esteemed organ to which I apply my hand).

Just think how our democratic institution of the monarchy could be undermined by too many foreign faces outside the gates of Buckingham Palace and Sandringham? I was just saying to my good friend, Prince Charles, that his marriage to a divorcee, which was utterly right, is an example of the tolerance that we could lose if these black happy clappy witch-doctory Christians keep coming into the country.

And as for Muslims? Goodness me! Spit, belch, let me just clear my throat! We cannot have Sharia Law like that bloke said we should, the one who succeeded me in the Archbishop job, which is one of our democratic institutions. Imagine having to have a Grand Mufti instead of a Grand Tufti? (Actually, it might be better so I'll skip that one.) What a plonker!

The last thing any of us wants is ghettos, but we should tell these Muslims the lesson of York. Yes, we can round you up and betray you as they did through the cobbled streets and up that castle mound.

The Enlightenment says we should tolerate one another. What bunk! No, it is my firm view that our society owes more to our ancient Christian heritage than it realises, which is not the same as these witch-doctory black churches. Clearly Islam has nothing to do with Christianity either. We are in danger of watering down our national spunk and I certainly would not give migration preference to these new Christians.

All people who come here should realise that we have an established Church and it speaks English. Our democratic principles exported this Church model abroad, so that now, for example, Uganda has an Anglican Church with its considerable support for a proposed population control measure regarding consenting gay adults where one or both is disabled, or one is under 18, although thank goodness that they were never likely to have any children.

The Right Reverend Cudden Careyless is a former Archbishop of Anglicanism and a columnist for The News of the Screws.


Erika Baker said...

Isn't it shocking, especially coming from someone who has travelled extensively in a supposedly Christian and pastoral role and who should understand the issues much better?

I'm getting very close to becoming too embarrassed to call myself a Christian and I shall have to think of another name.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

I've already done that. Person who practises Christianity.

(Just a reminder that the Rt. Rev. Cudden Careyless is a fictional character and his views are only based on someone similar; the Rt. Rev. George Carey is real and you wouldn't like his views at all.)

Mynsterpreost said...

Some of us still bear the scars of having him as a diocesan....

Anonymous said...

Although I have reservations about Carey's invoking of 'Christian heritage' in his remarks, he is making a point about the viable population level for Britain and the extent to which this could be exceeded without a balanced emigration/immigration policy ; liberals have made a bad mistake for far too long by shouting 'racist' every time the topic is raised, which has made mainstream politicians avoid the issue ; living in (or near an area) which recently elected a BNP candidate as an MEP I would have thought might have alerted you to the fact that the management of migration, in and out, is a matter that needs rather urgent attention if you are not to find yourself represented at Westminster by BNP MP.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

Seriously it is birth rates that will take us over 70 million, if they do, and immigration has to be taken against emigration. Every effort should be made at integrating, learning about and understanding different cultures. Generations assimilate and react against cultures depending on how they are treated; much of the reaction of now is due to continued and persistent deprivation and other issues, both to black and white classes. We've just had over ten years of debt derived income redistribution and lack of career potential for underclasses, with knock on effects in education. Perhaps now we are having to look at basics and provision instead of 'chavs' and believing in quick fixes to wealth we might get such things as regional policies and equalitarian measures again. Might.

Muslims in the former Yugoslavia were quite Westernised, and indeed in Turkey too with modernisation - there is no such thing as an antithetical culture when people can get together.

Two Iranian Muslims who couldn't find a mosque came into the Unitarian church last Sunday, and I was particularly pleased that my intercessions section referred to Jemaat Allah Global Indonesia, a newer Unitarian grouping with origins amongst a group of excommunicated Seventh Day Adventists. We got on very well and we hope they could enrich the Unitarian experience even staying as Muslims.

Unknown said...

And you want to keep the church established-why. Even "progressives" want to keep this institution established. Crazy.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

I'm against establishment. I think we should have no State-Church connection.