Saturday 23 January 2010

Halo of Torchlights

In a halo of light provided by his own wind-up torchlights, the Rev. A. Frame Reader has made a proposal to bring forward the Kingdom of God. He said:

It is utterly unrealistic and verbose, but I want to show that people who get robbed are really not on going to the police and courts, and just think how much we can give to charity if burglars and the burgled could only just get together and sort out their difficulties. Eventually I want to extend the scheme to all crime.

In the glow of his own light, the Rev. Reader's proposal is to have meetings set up with tea and bickies where burglars and the burgled can come to some agreement and therefore not involve the police or the criminal justice system. Once established, this would allow deep financial cuts to take place into the police force and the money could be redirected to charities, and go to such places where people are dying of hunger or live near volcanoes.

The scheme would then be extended to cover all forms of crime, again the disputes tackled by having meetings between victims and perpetrators. Once all areas are covered, the police force could be completely disbanded, and all courts closed down. He added:

Indeed, most of the insurance system will also close down. That must be a good thing. Of course boilers would still go bang but such as car insurance would be completely unnecessary. We would simply offer one another a sign of peace.

Rev. A. Frame Reader remains a member of The Episcopal Church but ran away to Canada where he is busy writing many essays, the latest being co-written with the Rev. Cranberry Huffpuff called Theo-idiocy: An Evangelical Approach.

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