Monday 11 January 2010

On Examinations and Text

For a while now I have intended to write a booklet piece, also suitable (when heavily edited) for display boards, about school examinations and whether they have become easier for a local museum. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get hold of old and new school examination papers across different subjects and at various levels to make any sort of comparison (I do have some old examination papers - like Sociology and Politics - of my own!). Having left this for so long, I have now gone for second best, and written a simpler piece with information widely available about the history of school examinations. It is in the Learning Area of the Pluralist Website in the Thinking On Teaching and Lecturing section.

On a totally different subject I have just made an extra download into Irfan View plug ins that has facilitated reading text directly off an image into a separate window for copying and pasting. If you run the NoteTab text processor at the same time in the background with its pasteboard running (toggles with CONTROL+SHIFT+P), then an image with text elements in can be read off one by one in Irfan View into actual text and a quick sweep with CONTROL+C for each text block dumps it into the NoteTab page automatically without looking. This is very useful indeed!

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