Saturday 9 January 2010

Not Sunday

The weather forecast of those biting easterly winds and snow showers, the reality of ungritted roads and the day, and the fact that the service taker was to come from Sheffield, means that there is no service on Sunday 10 January at Hull Unitarian Church. A week later the service taker comes from Wakefield. By then one hopes that the warm air sitting in the Atlantic finally reaches these parts, even if that means one final mother of all snow storms and then a lot of thawed water! Something of which to look forward.


I looked at the DN19 weather online and it said 4 degrees, which means thawing, and indeed this morning here it was raining.

One of the annoying aspects of TV weather forecasts these days is that they are dumbed down. Many of us are perfectly capable of reading a pressure chart. You can take one look and see how the scenario is set over the British Isles. Now look at the chart for the next few days and it is clear that the Atlantic low system is coming in, with snow from the SW that is the final transition for this period. And unless there is a high re-establishing itself, that's it. Weather systems establish themselves and then come under attack and eventually weaken. The lows will come in, one after another, unless again the continent produces something that covers these islands. Anyway, I'm not concerned now about a trip out on Wednesday. The forecasters said this weather would last another week, but that does not seem the case.

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