Sunday 31 January 2010

Hymn Sandwich and Liturgies

Very little on my website is not mine, but one item just uploaded is not. In 1981 a Unitarian minister at Bournemouth called Rev. Duncan McGuffie gave a lecture at the Unitarian General Assembly on the development of the hymn sandwich and other liturgies especially relating to Unitarianism. As a neat summary it cannot be bettered, and relates to what I am doing at present, so rather than using it to rewrite an article (and perhaps picking up a few fragments elsewhere to add) I've simply reproduced it. There aren't any copyright notices on the booklet. So I have reproduced it in full and it makes it plain it is his work, and the Rev. Keith Gilley added a foreword. Incidentally the Rev. Duncan McGuffie is now an Anglican priest at Clavering in Essex, a place not far from Ugley, where a conservative evangelical Anglican blog is produced.

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