Saturday 23 January 2010

In Depth

The In Depth Group met last Tuesday. This was to pause and discuss where we had been and where we were going. There was a general view that Doctrine Commissions of the Church of England and the many essays had been ad hoc, variable and minor, and my original idea to use the focii of Commissions to wind up the point about failure of liberal theology in Anglican controversies was unnecessary. With no formal paper there is instead a limited account of the drift of the discussion.

So next up is Thomism and other inherited traditionalisms, in the expected change of direction. They will still be examined critically. Because the paper on John Robinson included reference to his opposition to Thomism, and the discussion addressed whether he properly represented it, there is a limited account of that discussion and its direction.

There is also a gap plugged in 2008 when there was a strong discussion: it was the last session before the Theology Course as such began and I'd simply neglected it.

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