Thursday 15 December 2011


Bishop Bob: "I ask you, eff oh."
Bishop John: "You ask me what?"
Bishop Bob: "No, I ask you, eff oh."
Bishop John: "Are you asking me, or telling me to, you know, eff off?"
Bishop Bob: "I'm talking about the Covenant and I ask you, eff oh."
Bishop John: "I see. It's come down to this. Because I have stated a few moderate criticisms but support the Archbishop about the Covenant you are asking me to eff off."
Bishop Bob: "No I'm not, I'm asking you about I ask you eff oh. It met in Korea."
Bishop John: "Met in Korea?"
Bishop Bob: "Yes I ask you, eff oh."
Bishop John: "But I don't know who met in Korea. You've only just mentioned it."
Bishop Bob: "Let me quote: 'Aware of our mandate to promote the deepening of communion between the churches of the Anglican Communion, we emphasised the importance of being a fully representative group, and we greatly regret that some of our members were not present. We re-affirmed the significance of the Anglican Communion Covenant for strengthening our common life.' I ask you, eff oh."
Bishop John: "If you are asking. It is not a fully representative group, in fact doesn't represent anything; it is made up from the top, like the whole Windsor thing, with deliberate exclusions based on apparent moratoria ignored. It supports something that doesn't yet exist as if it does exist. In representing no one they reaffirmed something they should never affirm and so what if they do? But why do you keep telling me to eff oh?"
Bishop Bob: "Don't worry, you've answered me. You're obviously not being collegiate or loyal, and don't think we are going to invite you to diocesan meetings to pass the Covenant. So eff oh."
Bishop John: "I ask you."

IASCUFO is the InterAnglican Standing Committee on Unity, Faith and Order.

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June Butler said...

Well done, Adrian. I laughed and laughed. I'm still laughing.