Saturday 6 February 2010

Kolonic Irritation Latest

A Statement from the Rwandan Archbishop Manuel Kolonic on the Resignation of Egg Wiped Archbishop Mountaineer Anus February 6th, 2010.

Having nothing better to do regarding my wretched country than to be obsessed with homosexuality in other Anglican Churches, I give thanks for the withdrawal and wordplay reflected in the Most Reverend Mountaineer Annie Anus's recent announcement that he is resigning from the Standing Committee of the Anglican Commode [SCAT].

His cry that no one can hear him and that he is useless surely shows that in the Listening Process everyone is pretty much deaf and indicates just how serious everything is becoming when you can't get your own way.

Archbishop Anus's resignation demonstrates, yet again, that the Global South is operated by underdogs when it comes to dodging and weaving around the Covenant.

There are three main Western led groups now committed to resolving the current crisis in the Commode and to forge a renewed direction for our common life in the future:

  1. There are the Episcopalians and Americans where it is beyond unfortunate that after prayerful discussions and thoughtful consideration, they respond to their cultural milieu and retain the credal faith.
  2. Secondly there are the Godly Western Puritans who pre-determine ways of being authentically Christian as in our cultural milieu in Africa, for us to make our bishops abroad and interfere back in the West where the Puritans have otherwise little impact (as underscored in Jerusalem 2008 at GAFCON when the Jerusalem Declaration was declared).
  3. And now there are four men and a website called The Anglican Commode Itch who have a strategy to repopulate the Standing Committee with sit-downers in order that the newer Covenant performs more like one they'd prefer, and so Archbishop Mountaineer did his resignation to kick start this shuffle and kerfuffle.

I'm keeping with the GAFF CON Primates and their Provinces who have little choice but to take the road less travelled, because no one is listening to us either, which we now hope will be the road being travelled by the Global South and all faithful Anglicans.

We have never been that keen on the Covenant, and I wonder if the urgency given the Anglican Covenant is an authentic resolution to the crisis of faith and leadership we face? Aren't we and the Resolutions of the Primates simply "voices disregarded and suppressed"?

Well, while my country's citizens wallow in poverty I'm off on an another jamboree to the 'Global South to South Encounter IV' in Singapore, April 2010.

It follows the principles of: 1) Another chance to meet in an exotic location and have some days away - I'll bring my camera. 2) To listen for a change as we keep talking and share how we enjoy going on our travels. 3) To propose that we can do more for the world as we keep travelling around it. 4) To manipulate Anglicanism as a whole as we experience being non-Western but providing bishops abroad and keep sending us the money. 5) To flog membership of GAFF CON.

So as we reflect on these principles let's see if we cannot think of our own scheming and relationships to have the same conviction as the Egg Wiped brother to reclaim the faith as we want it to be and exclude others instead of just interfering in America where we are building up a new worldwide Church in our own image

The Most Rev. Manuel M. Kolonic: Bishop of Kegel, Primate of Rwanda.

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