Tuesday 2 February 2010

Traditional Unitarian Liturgy

The first of a group of liturgies intended for use at emergency or very short notice situations is now uploaded (.PDF format: the best reader is PDF X-Change, and is free - including the ability to write, as in filling in forms). This liturgy is 'traditional' in feel. Others will be radical, moderate, Christian, Pagan and Eastern (I think). Just like preparing a service, each of these takes a huge amount of time to construct, especially containing choices and applying not what satisfies me but (in the first case) some imagined traditional outlook and yet living today. At this stage comments will cause changes. It's no use producing material that no one would use because it represents beliefs left behind, so the 'heavy' belief material is that which still gets used culturally and thus has lasted beyond the beliefs it once represented. Otherwise the beliefs are more contemporary whilst the packaging is something of the olde worlde. There is also some background reading gone into this, on the construction of Unitarian liturgies in the past.

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