Saturday 27 February 2010

Shut the Door

While I like to debate, the follow up to the last blog (below) has to be to self-discipline and to lay off Fulcrum. The most recent responses to me and to others are just getting nasty, that follows on from the narrowness; but, more than this, if I now really do not want the label of Christian at all - and I don't - then it follows that I ought to leave that house of strife to itself, and leave those who want the label to battle with these types or find their own ways of shutting some internal doors. So, well, time to exert some self-discipline, to go elsewhere, shut the door and shake the dust off my feet.

So, starting at Thursday 1 February 2007 - 03:47 pm, I have used my pasteboard to rapidly grab all 81 pages of entries since the first entry recorded, in order, and thus, with that record saved, I can wish them all goodbye.

Meanwhile, a problem is the lack of liberal discussion boards (I'll have to do more at the NUF's) and where there are liberal sites they are very occasional, so much so that items then get missed, such as these notes on why liberal churches grow appearing at the nearly dormant Anglican group Affirming Liberalism over two weeks ago.


Erika Baker said...

What would you like to be discussed on a liberal discussion board?

What fascinates me about Thinking Anglicans is that people are often liberal about some aspects of faith but incredibly traditional about others, so when the topic changes the well known groupings of people also change and re-group into other formations.

The more liberal you become the less cohesion is there, and while liberal fora like Thinking Anglicans work because they concentrate on the daily church politics, and because daily church politics has been dominated by 2 topics for the last umpteen years, there is nothing much else that unites us liberals, and so we drift off to our preferred sub-groups on Facebook or our preferred religious splinter groups, or to our favourite liberal blogs.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

Reminds me to look at the National Unitarian Fellowship discussions!