Monday 26 October 2009

The Anglican Alternative: Power

The Statement, called a Pastoral Exhortation, from a collection of Global South Anglican Primates makes it clear in rejecting the Pope's offer and the adequacy of Anglicanism: it is all about the Covenant, Primates exercising international power, and homosexuality specifically.

With blinkers on they read the Pope's invitation to Anglo-Catholics to join a Personal Ordinariate as a statement about being for narrow biblical interpretation and against homosexuals in the episcopate, whereas it is all about Church order and being against women in the episcopate. What a depressing, blinkered, narrowed outlook these Anglican obsessives have. They don't even mention the issue of females in the episcopate, which is the issue concerning the Oxford Movement type Anglo-Catholic (the Gore type Anglo-Catholic will accept women in the episcopate).

It is this, they want: thanks Pope but no thanks; the Covenant should be passed and quickly and is sufficient; the Covenant gives authority to Primates to make international decisions on all Anglican Churches and legitimacy; this centres around no homosexuals in the ordained ministry and principally bishops and no blessings of homosexual partners anywhere within the legitimate Anglican Communion.

So to anyone who has an ethical basis about all of humanity, the Covenant must be opposed: it is the very thing that these patriarchs want to establish their power.

There is no other way of seeing the Covenant, and there never was.

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