Saturday 24 October 2009

Cudden Careyless Complains

Lord Cudden Careyless has complained bitterly to his new boss, the Roman Catholic Church, for it's treatment of the former Archbishop of Anglicanism, Rev. Dr. Rowan Tree, for originally giving him no notice when it came to the takeover of the Church in England by the Roman Catholic Church. Lord Careyless, who travels the world in a personal refusal to retire, made his complaint because Rome operates from the centre, which is what Rev. Rowan Tree wanted to do with the former Anglican Communion. However, it seems that the real complaint is that upsetting Rev. Rowan Tree has been the speciality of Lord Careyless, and he is rather annoyed that Pope Benny is better at the task than he is, starting with Benny cutting off the head of the Anglican Communion. The Rev. George Austin Metro, former Archdeacon somewhere up north, is said to be delirious.

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john said...

Well, I think that Carey's contribution, partial and self-justifying in some respects, was in other respects rather good. Where are the other C of E leaders who are expressing outrage at the Pope's malign and opportunist intervention?