Wednesday 28 October 2009

What a Beautiful Day

I must say I enjoyed the morning and the sunlight. I took the camera to take pictures of the still to be finished altar frontal by Viv Rowett. My square is five pictures across and four down - painted. A comment was made before the service, as I photographed from the floor and then got up, that this was the only time I had genuflected in front of the altar. Too true. I don't genuflect. I'm also wondering about staying sat down during the gospel reading - I don't know why people stand up to hear words from a book. I do stand now but 'sit out' for the Eucharist section. Then after the service I took more pictures with the light a little further around. This is a later one.

Below shows Beck Hill, the road in between the present Anglican church and the second former Anglican church in Barton-upon-Humber and now a museum. Click to enlarge.

After all this I went around outside to take advantage of the strong morning sun and warmth. Below shows St Peter's church that is now a museum, where bones are kept in special storage for which a mass was held last year.

Below is the active church, St. Mary's.

You can get nearly an all round view of both churches. In this light the church almost vanishes mystically into the sky with the trees showing autumn structural detail. The viewpoint is from Beck Hill. The best time from this viewpoint is in spring, when leaves are few and green. Light and shade are less polarised. Obviously by now I have a collection of Barton church photographs, digital and otherwise. Go around the road off Beck Hill and closer to the church and the result is the tower is hidden as you look upwards but the stonework shows up (in this light). See below. Click on any image for 800 by 600 views. Such can provide desktop wallpaper if you have a 800 by 600 screen size. Feel free to use these pictures.

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