Thursday 29 October 2009

Final Solution in Uganda

Uganda has come up with a Final Solution for gay people. They will die, if the consenting (or unconsenting) person is disabled, or have life imprisonment otherwise. Indeed life imprisonment is available now to the authorities. Anyone positively counselling, or procuring another, with gays will also go to prison. I think the reasoning is something like the polluting effect of mixing with pollutants.

Gets them off the streets, out of the way: dead or dead before socially active (imprisoned for life).

Shocking, appalling, worse: and so is the silence, especially when some Anglican Bishop Stanley Ntagali thinks locking gay people up for a period of time is a better alternative, apparently compassionate when the Churches are leading the campaigns against the existence of gay people, a man inspired by his national President congratulating Anglican bishops last August for their campaign against gay people.

Oh, and remember Rowan: the Anglican Communion comes first. Sod what happens to people.

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Erika Baker said...

This isn't just about Rowan. This news item has been around for about two weeks and only a very few of the major Anglican blogs have bothered to pick it up.
Not a single Bishop has yet commented, not even the saintly KJS and there has been nothing but deathly silence from the CoE.
Shame on everyone but Changing Attitude and Inclusive Church who have actually tried to rouse a response.