Thursday 1 October 2009


It seems that whilst we in the UK have had to retune our Digital Terrestrial Television (Freeview) boxes on 30 September, that the Archbishop of Canterbury has been doing some retuning of his own [The Living Church News Service].

There's lots of waffle about diocesan bodies' endorsement of the Covenant "a step in the right direction" in a letter to Bishop Howe of Central Florida dated 28 September, after its diocesan board and standing committee had adopted a resolution affirming the first three and available sections of the Ridley Draft, but in a communication from Central Florida, asking how dioceses and parishes might sign on the the Covenant, the Archbishop of Canterbury has replied that:

as a matter of constitutional fact, the [Anglican Consultative Council] can only offer the covenant for 'adoption' to its own constituent bodies (the provinces).

Or not, as the case may be, if we reverse that around regarding the actual signing process, because that sentence is the first half only.

Dear Province X, will you sign? (first half)
Province X: No. (the half that counts)

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