Monday 26 October 2009

Grudge Match Begins - and Thrashed

Click on the image to read the text. This explains why he did not play HEARD in the last game. Challenging me to another game, my opponent assumed that I was feeling hard but asked if was I hard enough. The scores now are 35 him and 47 me, he started with TAW, then I put TIRE across (the T added to IRE just to assist in the renewal of my letters), he put MEEK in early this morning and I've added SHOD this afternoon gaining a nice 40 score due to 3 letters earning three times their number and one earning twice the number.

And all in one day...

My letters turned awful, and this after Mick played a crafty connecting 7 letter word. I was going to exchange, had a lifeline from him, but that was it, and although I'd had the Q (and it let a bigger triple happen) he had every letter of power afterwards. Sometimes Scrabble is like that and you just have to play it out to a stinging defeat. So I'm back in the Championship again and not so 'hard' after all.

Mick: TAW 12

Adrian: TI AR WE TIRE 17

Mick: WE ARM MEEK 23

Adrian: EH WEES KO SHOD 40

Mick: WEEST 24

Adrian: AG NA EL CANE 21

Mick: AYE AGA WAY 28

Adrian: NAYS SQUID 42 (allowed a triple)

Mick: IF DO FOUND 51

Adrian: KOP DE PED 27

Mick: TWEEST TING*lER 68 (the turning point - my letters were awful - about to exchange but one comes possible)

Adrian: CROON 21

Mick: DEB DA BAM 26

Adrian: Exchanged 7 (my letters were awful - two Vs and repeat vowels - words of two and three)

Mick: BAMS SAZ 44

Adrian: HI IN HI 28

Mick: TIN TEX 26

Adrian: YE EX YEAR 35

Mick: VEX EYE LEV 44

Adrian: AWAY BARF 28


Adrian: OB VI*dEO 29

Mick: VEXI*l 14

Adrian: JO GO 18

Mick: IF 15


Mick: UNRULE 14 (could have gone out with LUNIER for 12 and add 2, also 2 off me)

Adrian: POI 5

Mick: -2 427 (should have been 429)

Adrian: + 2 334 (pathetic and 9 higher than should have been)

Leaves it at 7 games to Mick and 2 to me

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