Sunday 6 February 2011

Service on Sunday

The service given today can now be viewed in full as a .PDF file. All parts are written by me unless otherwise stated. For reasons of black ink conservation it was printed out in more colour than usual and the hymns were chopped out of the main copy (forcing me to use a hymn book). However, they have been uploaded into the hymns section (that themselves need updating) on my website (under Spiritual - Hymns) and they are shown here on this blog. I do, of course, have a tendency to ad-lib.

The theological element, then, is the law of increasing entropy and what it means for attachment. One should embrace the Buddhist view of accepting transience. The device is a sermon in which I do what is impossible by increasing entropy (second law of thermodynamics) which is to go backwards in time surveying my life. The sermon is in part a response to Rev. Bill Darlison's recommendations at the Yorkshire Unitarian Union gathering.

Update: A good service, yes, and enjoyed (including Suzi!), but because I didn't have my hymns printed out I skipped one. Fortunately the music man coped very well, and the result is he will be doing the music for some services when I am present and could do it. In our church everyone gets stuck in. Bill Darlison's and R. W. Emerson's view is quite correct; the sermon is not one people can (easily) disagree with, because it is about life-experience, and rather draws empathy instead.

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