Monday 21 February 2011

Terror Blogging

Going back to my post on Punk Blogging, I do completely agree with Madpriest's comment that my posts on the Church of England do not constitute Punk Blogging because I have left that denomination. In fact I'd go further, that in not before having an interest to lose, I was never really a Punk Blogger at any stage.

To be a Punk Blogger you have to a) give your name and not a hide-behind name (so Pluralist is a name because it connects directly to who I am) and b) have some institutional position to lose. You then use your blog in such a way that either the authorities or/ and future interviewers will not be impressed, because you are clearly going outside the boundaries.

Now I am not a Punk Blogger but I could be a Terror Blogger (I've decided to leave off the final three letters; I don't want to confuse GCHQ in Cheltenham). A Terror Blogger is someone who might blow themselves up in the course of their blogging, but mainly prods and harries other bloggers who are likely to be or who are Punk Bloggers.

I'd like to think I'm a nice kind of Terror Blogger. I'm not going to get too personal, and I'm not the sort who tries to knock people off their perches with one good push. It's your decision love, if you wish to stay inside an institution you consistently criticise. On the other hand, blogs are drip drip drip and leave a deposit. There can be a cumulative effect of Terror Blog entries just as there is from Punk Blog entries.

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