Sunday 20 February 2011

Turning the Fulcrum Statement Around

Pluralist notes with appreciation undertakings given by the Unitarians, Quakers in Britain and Liberal Jews that they will allow their meeting places to be used for ceremonies registering or celebrating same-sex unions. It means that a clear demarcation exists between these faith bodies and others, including Christian traditions, not wishing to offer such ceremonies.

Pluralist welcomes the assurance by the Home Secretary that "No religious group will be forced to host a civil partnership registration." He believes, however, that where a religious group does not proceed, the rights of those believers who wish to host such registrations need to be safeguarded.

Pluralist is encouraged that these unions are regularly being labelled as 'marriages' and that steps may be taken to either further erode the distinction between marriage and civil partnerships or to offer either of these ceremonies to same sex or both sex couples. Whilst, for some traditions, scripture and the teachings in these Churches affirm that marriage is a union only of a man and a woman, others have come to see that marriage is a union available to couples. Many Christian and non-Christian cultures have recognised the unique and central place such a union has for human flourishing and the common good of society.


Rev R Marszalek said...

A very careful statement...I 'get you', now.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Hear, hear!